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Maverick Media a network without opponents.
Quality guaranteed.
In Maverick Solutions are integrated in the most important sites in Europe Premium.
reach most comprehensive available to you: with 18 billion impressions per month reaches 45% of local users.
Quality assurance for the safety of the partners.
The optimal solution for Direct Response and Content Promotion campaigns.


The majority of users on the internet think that online advertising is everywhere. The Maverick Native solutions are recognizable in non-intrusive way. Our placements are well integrated with the content partner sites. Most viewed, more beds, more performing.

Two soluction

Direct Response: To address your offer to the right person and convert high-quality clicks into qualified and interested leads. Content Promotion: Direct traffic and promote your content involving the right audience.

The future

Due to continued expansion of online purchases, in 2050 most of the purchases will be no human contact. That's why the Maverick solutions are integrated with highly skilled desktop sites, premium publishers tablet and mobile devices (mobile sites and apps).

Our services

Maverick Media offers services, always of the highest quality Design and development of landing pages to ensure great performance.
Design and development of APP for Android IOS systems,
Display Advertising
Couponing & Database Building
Social Media Marketing | Lead generation

development app

Display Advertising

Social media Marketing

Lead generation

E-mail marketing


Million Unique E-mail

Monthly impressions

Leads Monthly

Million of click Monthly

Mobile Advertising

Everywhere the public is increasingly difficult. It has no time to be bored or ill-treated by the old-fashioned advertising.
(Craig Davis)